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Welcome to Seminar House Mirai Juku!


This facility is used to be the school which is built 135years ago and now it’s turned into the accommodation.

Here, you can simply enjoy the greatness of nature, surrounding the house. Also, you can experience the traditional Japanese way of life.

We have so many entertainments near around the house. For instance, there is the river, called Kishi-gawa in 10minutes by walk. You can fish and swim in the river during the summer.

Misato Astronomical Observatory is just on the top of the promenade which starts from our house.

Kumano jinjya, one of the famous shrine in Japan, which locates just next to the house.

The hot spring, Darumayu Onsen are close from here.

……and MORE!


Have fun with your friends, relax in the nature, and experience true Japanese lifestyle, you can do anything you want to do in here!


Our staff is very friendly and we are looking forward to see you.